U.S. Naval Academy

Tom as a Plebe
Incoming midshipmen were instructed to arrive with a short, regulation haircut but Tom showed up with a beard and hair down to his shoulders. It didn't last long, but his fame did. All the way through Plebe Year. Tom was assigned to the 30th Company, the best-looking men in the Brigade. You saw their picture on the front page of this website. Go look again; you'll enjoy it.

USS Hamner at sea
After Plebe Year, Tom cruised on the USS Hamner.

Hamner exploding
Tom had nothing to do with the Hamner's demise. Probably.

USS Kennedy
First Class summer was spent on the USS Kennedy. Shortly after, Tom elected to fly land-based aircraft. Good call.

Gruman A1A Yankee
In the fall of his senior year, the Academy coughed up money for some flying lessons in this big hog.

A1A cockpit view
Fortunately, it was only a few hours. Better things awaited in Pensacola.