20-Year Reunion

In 1996 the Class of '76 had turned into a bunch of old geezers. Except Tom, who was as young and beautiful as he'd ever been. With his brother Gregg, a good man despite only being a '77 grad, Tom returned to Annapolis for the reunion. The first night brought a little more adventure than planned: the cocktail party was held in Mahan Hall, a 19th-century building without a thought of wheelchair ramps. Tom's classmates came through, though, and hauled him up two flights of stairs to make the party.

Tom and Gregg

The grads return to the Boat School.

Grads at the cocktail party.

Not a day over 21.

Keith Weaver and Tom

The roomies return.

Tom Cahill, Gregg and Tom

Tom Cahill and the bro's.

Tom in Sweatshirt

If you didn't get a sweatshirt, you weren't there.

Tom Bakke and Dick Holloway with Tom.

Tom with Tom Bakke and Dick Holloway.

Keith Weaver and Tom.

Some things never change.

With bearded classmate

John Bowman looking a little non-reg.

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