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Tom in the Mid Store

The next afternoon was the football game, of course, but in the morning it was necessary for the Grads to show Lori and Phil around the yard. After a stop at the midstore for geedunk, of course.

Tom with a Navy sweatshirt
If you didn't get a sweatshirt, you weren't there.

Sixth Wing Stairs

After the requisite shopping, Tom, Frank and Gregg led Phil and Lori around the Yard. Circling the back way, they came across an area familiar to both '76ers. Just up these stairs was were both Tom and Frank hand spent many morning hours, marching off demerits.

Tom at the back entrance to Dahlgren Hall
Here's Tom at the back entrance of Dahlgren Hall. This tour looks easier than it was. The Academy wasn't built for electric wheelchairs. No surface is completely level. Remember a hurricane had just blown by: puddles were everywhere. The only good thing was that traffic was light.

Tom inside Dahlgren, by the stairs

Here's Tom stymied by the stairs inside Dahlgren. There were a few other places he couldn't get to, either, but overall, it was a pretty good tour of over 2 miles.

Lori, Phil, Frank and Tom

In front of Dahlgren, Gregg grabbed the camera for this group photo.

Tom, Lori and Frank at Bancroft Hall
Tom couldn't get all the way into Bancroft Hall but then again, as he said, he'd been in there enough.

Lori and Tom on Stribling Walk

Tom showing Lori the Yard.

Tom and Frank on Stribling

Tom showing Frank the Yard. Frank said he'd seen it already.

Gregg and Tom

Here's brother Gregg with Tom. Gregg said he'd seen enough of the Yard, too. So they left.

Tom, Phil and Lori in the van

Here are Tom, Phil and Lori in the van on the way to lunch. Tom and Gregg's Aunt Ro lived in the neighborhood, so arrangements were made to meet her at Mike's Crabhouse, a classic Maryland fish joint.

Inside the Crabhouse
Of course the rain began just in time for the transfer from the van to the restaurant. Here's the gang waiting for Aunt Ro to make it through the storm.

Aunt Ro, Lori and Tom

Here she is with Lori and Tom.

Lori with Tom and Frank
Lori is sort of Tom's mom. And Frank's.

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