Thirty-Year Reunion

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Tom's been to other Class Reunions, but this was to be the first under his own power. Only problem was, having a big, heavy electric wheelchair requires a big van to lug it around. Flying to the reunion would have required renting a specially equiped van of uncertain capability. And reliability. The only sensible thing to do was: ROAD TRIP! Classmate Frank Rodrick flew in from San Diego to pilot The Starship Enterprise. Lori and Phil met him at the airport and drove him to Belmont Village. Lori and Ken threw Tom's things in a suitcase and Tom launched up the ramp. The boys were on the road less than an hour after Frank landed.

The first day was pretty uneventful. It was a warm, sunny afternoon and lulled by the rhythm of the wheels, Tom took a nap. So did Frank. They arrived at the Virginia border rested and refreshed, ready for a good night's sleep at what must be the world's noisiest Holiday Inn. The next morning saw them off bright and early. . .right into the face of Hurricane Ivan. They drove most of the day in a heavy downpour, arriving in Annapolis mid-afternoon--right after the storm broke.

30th Company

Lori, Phil and brother Gregg were there to welcome them. As were a couple hundred classmates, at the dinner/reception that evening. Remember that photo on the first page, the one of the handsome young studs in their Plebe Year? Here they are now. Completely unchanged.

30th Company and Wives
The wives had changed, but only to become even more beautiful. Notice Lori in this picture. She's a wife,true, but not a 30th Company wife. So why is she here? 'Cause she's an honorary member of the class.

Chuck Gorum and Lori

Here's Chuck welcoming Lori. They'd talked over the years, when Lori was trying to contact Tom's classmates, but never met. Poor Chuck.

Dave and Bunny Venlet with Tom and Lori
Dave and Bunny Venlet came by to say hi.

Tom and George Wheeler

George Wheeler and Tom.

Mary Wheeler, Frank and Tom

George's better half, Mary, with Frank and Tom.

Keith Weaver and Tom
Keith Weaver and Tom.

Ken Stockwell and Tom

Ken Stockwell and Tom.

Keith Weaver and Tom Davis with Tom

Tom Davis joins Keith and Tom for a photo. Are you getting sick of looking at these 30th Company geezers? Didn't Tom have any friends outside the company? Yep.

Mark Hansell with Tom

Here's Mark Hansell with Tom. How come Tom cracks up in all these pictures?

Dave Renaud with Tom

Dave Renaud and Tom.

Mark Hansell with Tom
Trey Smith stopped by for a photo, then stole Tom away for a tour of the room and a couple of shots by the professional photographer. This was the last time we'll see Trey; he died of brain cancer less than a year later.

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