In the Fleet

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Tom's been everywhere. Almost. During his time on active duty in the Navy, he came close to circling the world.

Whiting Field Naval Air Station
Of course, it all began right here, at Whiting Field outside Pensacola. Tom learned to fly the T-28 here.

Pensacola Naval Air Station
I know what you're thinking: Tom started in Pensacola. Well, yeah, but no. He started flying at Whiting. That's what matters.

Jacksonville Naval Air Station
After he got his wings, Tom went to Jax to check out on the P-3.

Brunswick Naval Air Station
After all that time in the sunny south, Tom was in serious danger of enjoying life. The Navy took care of that by sending him to Maine. Here's an aerial shot of Brunswick Naval Air Station, where Tom joined VP-23.

P-3 landing in Keflavik, Iceland
Of course, there aren't many Soviet submarines in Maine, so Tom and the boys deployed to Iceland to find some.

Lajes, Azores
Tom flew to the Azores. . .

Rota, Spain
Rota, Spain

Diego Garcia
. . .across the Med and Arabia to Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean.

P-3 off Diego Garcia

Hong Kong
From there it was just a short hop to Hong Kong.

Cubi Point Naval Air Station in the Phillipines
No Navy pilot should miss Cubi Point in the Phillipines, home of the famous Cubi Specials.

Moffet NAS
Moffett Naval Air Station, California.

P-3 landing at JAX
Remember that touching scene in Top Gun? Where Maverick saves the day and is offered any duty station in the world? And he wants to be an instructor at Top Gun? Well, it was kinda like that when Tom wound up his tour at Brunswick. He wound up back at Jacksonville as an Instructor Pilot. Actually, he was the Instructor Pilot's Instructor Pilot, making sure the other instructors knew their stuff.

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