Madison Healthcare

Tom lived in several places over the years, some good, some bad. He spent most of the '90s northeast of Nashville in a place called Madison Healthcare. Why there? Because it was close to Opryland USA! Here are a few shots of Tom there, with Lori and classmate Frank Rodrick.

Tom and Lori

Tom and Lori.

Tom's first computer.

The once and future computer geek with his new toy.

Tom rising from his wheelchair.

Tom's about to demonstrate his daily workout.

The long walk.

At lunchtime, the hall was empty.

The three amigos.

The Three Amigos.

Playing solitaire.

Solitaire on the new computer.

Tom and Frank


Tom at computer desk.

The desk was a gift from a group of grads.

The long walk.

Down the hall and back.

Returning to the chair

And back to his chair.

Lori, Tom, and his corner.

Tom's corner in his room.

Tom giving a thumbs-up.

Always Mister Positive.

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