Lori's Opryland Show

So what exactly was this big show that Lori was in? What was a nice girl like her doing in a hat like that? Fire up your thumbwheel and scroll on down.

Cast of Way Out West

The cast of Way Out West.

Cast in another pose

Maybe the show wasn't all about the music.

Cowboy Sweethearts

The Cowboy's Sweethearts.

Lori and the Deputy

Lori and the Deputy.

Lori and the Deputy

What a lovely couple!

Cast in another pose

The cast of Way Out West. . .again.

The Mayor's Sweethearts

The Mayor's Sweethearts.

Lori and the Girls

Lori and the girls.

Lori and the Cowboy

Lori and the Cowboy.

Lori and her mother

Lori and her mother backstage.